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Кто ищет, тот всегда найдёт!

     Всё же одна ссылка в Нерунете нашлась. Славно!
     Это я всё про Ганса-Ульриха фон Кранца и его книгу (о ней уже писал ранее).

А текст по ссылке такой:

From: Abram Braverman
Date: February 17, 2008 8:26:47 AM PST
To: xxxxx
Subject: RE: Secret weapons of Third Reich

by "Hans-Ulrich von Kranz" (St Petersburg, 2008):
brief review/essay

This curious book (fabricated, most probably, by "secret cabal" of KGB-sponsored young Russian SF authors: as demonstrated by peculiarly Russian turns of style & absence of original's publication data) is worthy of, at least, a brief review because of its great "ideological similarity" with (somewhat better written - and, most importantly, documented) books RE "mysteries of Third Reich" by an American author J. Farris (see his 2004 book "The Reich of The Black Sun" & 2006 one "SS Brotherhood of The Bell").

The fertile Russian "anonymous collective" had - since start of its work in 2006 - succeeded in fabrication of several series of books: by "Hans-Ulrich von Kranz" (allegedly - according to data presented in Foreword - a son of f. Ahnenerbe explorer which emigrated to Argentina after WWII) - and also by "Etienne Casse" (allegedly, aa French journalist engaged in investigation of "unorthodox history") and, recently, "Olga Greig": allegedly, a widow of an eminent official of mythical "Stalin's Party intelligence", well-conversant with "Antarctic mysteries".

These - as yet rather unexperienced - authors (which, however, learn quickly: quality of their "literary fakes" increases noticeably with each new book) couldn't avoid (perhaps, they didn't try too hard, thinking that their "new Russian" readers aren't enough well read) close (sometimes even literal) parallels with other (presumed) "sources of their inspiration": thus, description of Nazis' "psychotronic influence towers" (from the Chapter 5: "Project Thor") does almost literally repeat descriptions, given in classical '60s SF novel by eminent Soviet authors Bros Strugatskys "An Inhabitable Island" (combined with some loose "psychotronic talk" from numerous in '90s SF works by unemloyed former staff members of secret Soviet psi-research institutions).
(I personally am not inclined to regard this stuff seriously - as reflecting true "technological reality" of 3rd Reich - as I hadn't received any comparable information from the available to me genuine source: f. member of Ahnenerbe's Inner Circle Dr Vronsky; - who couldn't miss this information if it were real.)

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