September 11th, 2014


Rainbow // Eloy

Life is just like a book so we turn a page
We are caught in a time of furious rage
If you’re feeling down
Feels like you will drown: FLY!
       On the rainbow – and your dreams will come to life
       On the rainbow – you’re where no one tells you lies
       On the rainbow – like an eagle you can glide
       On the rainbow – feeling high, high!

There’s some good to be gained out of this somehow
We had dreams, we had plans, where are they now?
Find your peace of mind
Leave all cares behind: FLY!
       On the rainbow – thousand colours flying by
       On the rainbow – like the master of the skies
       On the rainbow – tears will never fill your eyes
       On the rainbow – feeling high, high!

Eloy '1988 "Ra"