Юрий РОСС (filibuster60) wrote,

Giant / Eloy '80


Mighty men of power
Great goliaths who’ve turned sour
Never feeling, never caring
Only, blindly you’re
Following one flight of power
Crushing all who stand there before you
Taking, breaking, you
Even make the strong man cower
Grind to dust, those who can’t pay your due
With careful plans, your lies
There’s no risk and no mistake
Ignore the small man as he cries
Smash him, and then he’ll co-operate
       Giant, stop for a moment
       And search deep within your heart
Are you so sure you’re right
You could make a new start

If you left this earth who would care
What d’you think you’re worth just a share
You don’t have much time face the truth
You'll pay for your crime you must choose
There’s another way of living
See what you get by giving
Take your chance, find your own way
Take it, while you may

Forget that thing called pride
Just awaken what’s inside
Stop deceiving, start believing
Your humility will be your last misleading guide
The seeking mind could then show you how
Freely, gladly now fulfill yourself, be satisfied
Give all the love that you can endow
With simple joys your life
Will be rich and so much more
Welcome the feeling, see it thrive
The peace that you’ve been searching for

Eloy 1980 Colours

Tags: english, вах-вах, песенки

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