Юрий РОСС (filibuster60) wrote,

Eloy // Silhouette & Voyager


She grew like the blossoming oak tree
A fountain of magic spells
Her mind was of sunshowered beauty
We once knew so well
Her roots understanding of earth seeking silently
Branches of arching embrace and serenity
Flowers revealing the secret of her own mystery
Her fruit offering endless desire for true love and harmony
       We will always be together
       Let the winds of heaven dance between us now
       Your restless tides return forever
       Every flower reflects your innocent brow
       As the silence of the seasons
       Will unfold our lifetime memory
       Our beclouded search for reasons
       Echoes call afar and so persistently
       Your freedom song we thought we knew
       Still we’ll carry on in unison with you

Voyager of the future race

       Citizens of the world, rejoice! As of today, a new chapter of mankind’s history has begun. We have solved nature’s last mystery it’s ultimate secret and have finally found the key to eternal life. Not only are you now all equal you are also a priveleged new generation chosen to live for-ever!!! Welcome to immortality!!!

Behold our world at last we’re all equal
Life and death have now lost their meaning
Time’s alive inside of our bodies
’Coz nature’s secrets are unveiled so we cry out
Now we’ve found just what we’re all about.

So long ago we searched for an answer
Life and death are now just a status
Look around you’ll see a celestial glow
There’s a high reward to our days of strife
Now we’ve found eternal golden life

    Deep in your soul you’ll feel
    Doubts setting in
    A cry that fills your veins with fear is burning inside
    A craving so strong, oh so strong for the real breath of life
    I feel my heart beat
    The icy hand of wind
    Brushing my skin in the night
    I’m imprisoned inside
    A future predestined so far
    Takes control of my life.
        Voyager of the future race
        You drew the shorter straw
        Chaos reigns all emotions all around
        Panic sweeps the mind
        And silence rebounds
        Bouncing back from a far.

The nights are cold and long when you’re lonely
Wake up your mind right now or your wasted
Times goes by so fast at a steady pace
So desillusioned for the price we pay is high
Don’t look down or you might fall.
So be deaf to nature’s call
Don’t think twice and let your mind fly by!
Tags: english, вера, песенки

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